The Asmartfarm app is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed to help farmers gainfully optimize their farming operations through next-generation technological advancement from the palms of their hands. Asmartfarm is an Odoo-based ERP application that runs on both web and mobile platforms; developed to guide, advise and keep records of all farming operations from land preparation to post-harvest operations. The application is designed mainly for local farmers, co-operatives, local and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and special agricultural intervention programs.

Asmartfarm is integrated with a third-party, earth observatory application with the ability to obtain real-time geographical information on farmlands, predict climatic conditions over some time, and advise farmers proactively on what steps to take. With the satellite integration, Asmartfarm can also carry out soil tests remotely. Farmers are also advised on what crops best fit to grow on their lands or what quantity of fertilizers can be applied on the land for optimum yield. Through historic data, the application can also predict the performance of the farms remotely and advise accordingly.


Key Features of Asmartfarm

Remote Soil Testing: The Asmartfarm application gives you the ability to conduct a repertoire of remote soil tests and remote monitoring on your farmland. Tests such as soil moisture, soil nutrients, soil analysis, and soil productivity maps are all available on the Asmartfarm platform.

Weather Reports: Farmers get full weather reports including precipitation, rain alerts, and cold stress detection on their farmlands. This aids planning and execution of farming processes like planting, cover crops, irrigation, pre-and post-planting activities.

Instant Notifications: The Asmartfarm application delivers instant notifications through texts and pop-ups directly to farmers’ phones on all farm activities. The proactive notifications keep users a step ahead at all times without missing any important farm activity.

Standard Operating Procedures: Asmartfarm is pre-loaded with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of over 50 crops. Novice or expert, the application guides you through the whole farming process based on time-tested procedures curated by seasoned farmers.

Farm Management: The Asmartfarm application serves as an all-round management application with modules such as crop reports/insights, purchases, sales, activity-logging, profitability reports/index


Advantages of Asmartfarm

Multi-platform: Asmartfarm operates on both web and mobile platforms. Users can access it as a web application and it is available on both the Android and iOS app stores.

Enterprise feature: Non-Governmental Organisations, Donor agencies, Research Institutes, Agricultural Cooperative Societies, and other bodies can sign up on the Asmartfarm platform as Enterprise users and onboard individual farmers. Thereby, improving the productivity of their beneficiaries whilst also monitoring the progress of individual farms/farmers.

Marketplace: Users on the Asmartfarm platform are part of a five-thousand strong e-commerce community of farmers. Farmers can find buyers for their produce even before they are out of the ground with the unique buyer-seller matching system. Farmers can also search and compare vendors, prices, and location of agricultural inputs on the Asmartfarm marketplace.

Expert Community: The Asmartfarm user community boasts one of the largest communities of expert farmers, investors, extension officers, researchers, research institute officials, and stakeholders in the agricultural value chain. Users can crowdsource for answers to farm problems, investment opportunities, best-practices, buyers, and sellers of farm produce.

Multi-farm feature: Large-scale farmers with multiple farms can have all their farms housed under one account. They can interact with and compare insights from their farmlands from a single dashboard.


Impacts of Asmartfarm

Access to Market: Asmartfarm significantly improves access to the market by providing a database of farmers, traders, extension officials, companies, industries, and other stakeholders in the agricultural value chain. Using this database, Asmartfarm runs a unique matching system that brings together producers and consumers across all farming processes. The system advises users on where to get farm inputs, farm produce, machinery, and even expertise manpower through a powerful search function. The application spots a geographical positioning system that matches users with vendors and services closest to them. Asmartfarm also offers market intelligence reports and current market prices for crops like Cashew, Maize, Rice, Cocoa, Beans, and Cassava through robust and continuous market research.

Reduced Post-Harvest Losses: Asmartfarm optimizes post-harvest processes. Asmartfarm’s proprietary unique matching system provides farmers with information on potential buyers and gives buyers/industries information on where to get ready farm produce. This combats the menace of post-harvest losses suffered on crops like Cashew, Tomatoes, and Cassava as farmers and buyers are matched proactively and significantly reduces the time spent on the farm to market/table. Through this, farm profitability and food security are greatly increased.

Improved Crop Yield: Asmartfarm is particularly designed to improve crop yield for farmers and stakeholders. The application eliminates difficulties such as farm siting, soil-crop suitability, irrigation points, and access to the market through its medley of next-generation features. Asmartfarm’s combo of remote soil testing and SOPs ensures that farmers situate their farmlands on suitable farmlands and also advises on which crops best suit each farmland. A smart geographical positioning system ensures that farmers can quickly locate the nearest points of irrigation, farm produce, market, and expert help. With a full range of features on Asmartfarm, the crop yield of users is greatly increased.