McFinancialCom is an acronym for McFinancial Computerization. It is an International Public Sector Accounting Standard (IPSAS) Complaint Accrual Accounting Comprehensive Financial & Operations Management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution which is ideal for public sector organizations.

Our proof of concept has been tested and adjudged to have worked perfectly as per the requirements of some MDAs.

It has the following features: National Chart of Account, Budget Control, Inventory, Payroll, Double-Entry Book keeping, Accrual, One account for receivables & payables, wide range of international standard financial reports, Multi- Currencies, Multi-Lingual and Easy retained earnings.

The application is an excellent fit for the public sector organizations to operate on the same platform with advanced economies and standards for better and acceptable financial accounting reporting such as cash flow statement, trial balance, consolidated financial performance and consolidated financial position. It also helps public sector organization increase efficiency, transparency in information rendition and services related to financial accounts.


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