Agribusiness and Agripreneurship Program Planning & Management


Identifying and analyzing management problems, needs and develop appropriate interventions for improving managerial practice in the Agricultural and Rural Sector.

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Project Summary and Objective

Agripreneurship has been perceived to be crucial to Nigeria’s economic development. Although, Nigeria as a developing country is still faced with a number of challenges which has over the years impeded the growth of agriculture and indirectly led to a drawback of youths and women’s interest in farming. In view of this, a five-day training program for youths and women in Rivers West Senatorial District, on Agripreneurship and Business Development was sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria through Agricultural and Rural Management Training institute(ARMTI). As a result of being perceived as the most responsive consultant during the procurement process, McGeorge Consulting Limited was awarded the contract to help facilitate the training.

The objective of the training was to instill Agripreneurship skills and innovative business ideas such that the youths and women of Rivers west senatorial district would be empowered to positively influence their various community and also ensure food security in Nigeria.

Research, Need Analysis Based Approach

We conducted a robust need analysis and in-depth sociological research in order to get our team informed on the peculiar problems and needs of youths and women in Rivers west senatorial district. From our findings, the intending participants craved for a new experience and also seek to know about most innovative ways to harness innovation in Agribusiness.

Effective Training Instigate Great Actions

After we completed the research, we moved on to developing a blue print that would help convey the modules appropriately, putting in mind each participants background. This approach increased the rate of participation in class exercises. Most importantly, the participants were overwhelmed by how we were able to communicate the training modules using relatable real life experience.

How we make impact

We design our training modules to be practical oriented, including Group discussions & mentoring sessions, whilst also engaging facilitators who are not just experienced in the field of Agripreneurship and  business development but also skilled at impacting knowledge into young minds, not also forgetting that participants are also motivated when they are well fed.

Training without practical is incomplete

We are always thrilled by the chance to deliver a realistic approach based training. “Seeing they say is believing”.¬† After series of brainstorming , we came up with a well-structured trip to National Centre for Agricultural Mechanization(NCAM) “Integrated Farms” for practical session.

Among the places visited was the biogas plant where the waste droppings of livestock are used to generate cooking and electric gas. The participants were enlightened on the need to make judicious use of Agricultural waste product and also ensuring they adopt a zero waste system in their various farm of interest.

Our efforts in planning the practical class further aroused the participants interest in Agripreneurship, which was our intention.

Every feedback is important

Feedback is very critical to establish if training objectives are been achieved. This also helps to ascertain if there is any deviation from the set goal, and come up with strategies to avert future occurrence. In order for us to adopt an unbiased feedback system, we employed the services of an independent consultant to help administer questionnaires to participants and communicate their findings.

With reference to the result gotten, a large percentage of the participants adjudged the training to be highly impactful, effective and relevant, with respect to the course content, training format, expertise of instructors and the conduciveness of the learning environment.

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