Sport Development

Our strategy is underpinned by cutting-edge research and high quality teaching which provides the vital skills and knowledge for employment in both sports and non-sport activities.

We Plan and examine sports development initiative aimed at making positive impacts on individuals and communities. We Work with a variety of groups such as children, young people and adults in community and elite sport, and in areas such as health and wellbeing.

We understand clearly that Sports Development and Management is a rapidly growing area which covers youth and elite sport, community and organizational development, the promotion of health and wellbeing, business and enterprise, corporate social responsibility and how sport can contribute to positive social change. This is why we base our approach on applied and theoretical knowledge needed to implement contemporary sport policy and development programmes in local, national and international context. The knowledge, skills and experiences developed are also valued by employers from beyond the sport industry, and also useful for people  seeking careers in sport.

Have you ever thought of adopting a sustainable sports development initiative for your organization? We can help you achieve great success!

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