About Us

McGeorge Consulting Ltd (RC.715365) is a registered and incorporated company in Nigeria. Our company is incorporated with a mandate to provide solutions in the fields of Information & Communication Technology, Engineering, Project Management, Human Capital Development & Re-Engineering process, Renewable Energy & Technology and Consultancy.


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Why We Are the Right Choice

With every service we offer, we believe in challenging impossibilities by ultimately providing clients with the most innovative, creative and flexible solutions making their experience as painless as possible

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We help our clients' improve across the full spectrum of product development activities, improving both processes and offerings.

Who We Are

At McGeorge Consulting, our target is to build confidence in society and solve significant problems. It is this focus which informs the services we offer and the decisions we make.

Prioritize Customers

Collaboration & Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our values. By working closely with clients, we understand their goals and produce work that would result into great experience.