Rural & Urban Business Support (RUBSS)


The Rural & Urban Business Support Scheme is an initiative which was designed to intervene on the premature failure of small and medium enterprises in rural and urban communities, caused by lack of revolutionary continuity plan.

This initiative has been structured to enable small businesses have access to subsidized consultancy service as low as $40-$85 per year.

The scheme offers SMEs access to digital transformation strategy formulation, 4th industrial revolution business survival tips, cost reduction strategy, competitive pricing strategy, strategic partnership and international business guidelines. It will also create an avenue for entrepreneurs to see different perspectives to issues relating to their kind of business, allowing them test their assumptions with the support of the network created.

Abraham Atteh, Director, Development & Consultancy, is the Team Lead for this scheme.



Presently, we focus on Small and Medium Enterprises who are adding value to national development in the following sectors:

Agriculture, Education, Engineering, Technology, Branding, Hospitality, Construction and Renewable Energy

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